Bolt handle for stoeger 2000 manual

Do not ride the bolt forward, it must be allowed to freely travel in order to. Stoeger m3k 12 ga 24 3 gun edition 31855 buds gun shop. Stoeger shotguns semiauto shotguns 2000 inertia driven parts list. What are the differences between stoeger m2000, 3000 and. The handle was my fault, as i let the bolt snap closed on the reciever wall with out the barrel installed, sheared it clean. Sep 14, 2016 jason from rex arms explains how to install a new bolt handle.

Also fits the benelli m1m2sbesbeii and stoeger 2000 shotguns. Stoeger 3000 shotgun parts and accessories freedom. Ive read some online posts pertaining to this gun earlier model years that stated a problem with the bolt handle flying off. Upgrade the bolt handle on your m2000 12 gauge shotgun with this factory replacement part. Contoured, hourglass shape provides increased leverage. Call me paranoid, but id kinda like to have an extra handy in the field. Buy factory replacement bolt handles for popular stoeger semiauto shotguns like the m2000, m3000, m3500 and m3020. Download official product manuals for current stoeger airguns models. I did some research on the i12 when i got back home and found that both the stoeger and the i12 were known to have this problem. What is important is that the ids is also in the stoeger 2000. Together with a superb warranty, you cant go wrong. Nordic components speed bolt handles for remington versa max 12 gauge shotgun. Stoeger m3000 sporting delivers value, reliability and. Nordic benremstgr bn bolt handle stock accessories.

Charles daly semiauto shotgun made by ata in istanbul turkey. This is a fast and easy way to reduce felt recoil on your sub2000 while also providing a thicker diameter charging handle to provide more surface area for a more solid grip when charging and. In fact, one of us loaned an i12 owner a bolt handle from a stoeger 2000 until he could contact customer service to get one that would stay in. Stoeger cocking handle m2000 bolt handle nz shotguns by.

Buy stoeger industries bolt handles online now at the official stoeger industries online store. Lots of friends have and it put them out of commission. Air rifles with pellet power precision stoeger airguns. All parts listed in this category are specific to the stoeger m2000 shotgun unless otherwise noted. The bolt will slide forward, fully chambering the round and lock ing the breech. You will receive one that will fit your gun as precisely as your stock handle. Please retain this copy of the owners manual for future. Not familiar with the 2000 series, but i bought a stoeger condor ou last year and really like this gun. The stoeger model 2000 shotgun uses a fixedbarrel, inertia recoil operated system. Buy stoeger industries parts online now at the official stoeger industries online store.

The inertia driven semiautomatic shotgun can handle loads up to 3inch without adjustment, is drilled and tapped to accommodate weaverstyle scope bases, has a fiber optic front sight, and a ventilated, stepped rib. Stoeger extended choke tube cylinder 12 gauge 39192. Bolt handles are made in 174 stainless steel, to which is threaded a colored cap of 6061 aluminum. Hey guys, i have a stoeger m2000, and the bolt handle broke in half today hunting.

Original stoeger luger pistol owners manual 22 lr not a repo. Download the sub2000 owners manual or use the exploded view of the sub2000 parts diagram to plan your next firearm project. Stoeger luger gas operated semiauto shotgun bolt handle ebay. What are the differences between stoeger m2000, 3000 and 3500. The freedom fighter tactical 34 finished titanium locking tactical charging handle for benelli super black eagle 3. Stoeger double barrel shotgun front bead sight white. Stoeger 2000 shotgun parts and accessories freedom fighter.

Available in multiple finishes, you can either replace you missing or broken handle or simply customize you shotgun. Stoeger luger gas operated semiauto shotgun bolt handle. Find stoeger 2000 inertia driven parts with numrich. Stoeger offers a complete lineup of shotguns in different styles and gauges. There is a fixed solid rubber plug at the end of the mag. The moa precision is one of the nicest bolt charging handles for the stoeger m3000 semiauto shotgun. Weve been supplying customers with hard to find parts since 1950. I looked at the gun and checked the safety, and noticed the bolt handle was gone.

There have been lots of posts about these handles flying out of the 2000s and the i12s. There are probably more mods available to the 3k as well thanks to moa precision and some of the other guys that are making stuff now. Benelli super black eagle sbe shotgun parts and accessories. Stoeger airguns combine excellent quality, accuracy and power at fair price. Stoeger m3000 12ga black shotgun 31830 31830 buds gun shop. Enlarged bolt handle for most tacticalcompetition shotguns. Not all parts that are available for online purchase are shown on the schematic. Items similar to a 12ga stoeger vursan 2000 walnut choose size 12ga berettastoeger choke tube.

Brownells is your source for bolt handles,bolt parts at brownells parts and accessories. Plus, with no propellant gas venting into the operating system, the model 2000 stays cleaner. Unlike the benelli, the stoeger 2000 has the recoil spring coiled around the magazine tube. I did not feel rushed or stupid for the questions i had. S4000e airgun with suppressor, black synthetic stock w fiber optic sights and 4x32 scope. Stoeger m2000 bolt handle my mate obviously failed to assemble his stoeger correctly on opening weekend and lost his bolt handle. Owners manual 2 safety handling x3 stoeger airguns. The factory charging handle weights 1 oz and the kel tec sub2000 recoilless charging handle weights 3. Make sure that the firearm is not loaded by opening the bolt with the bolt handle. A member of the benelli usa family of companies, located in accokeek, maryland. Click on any part number highlighted in red to view specific details or to purchase online.

I am going hunting monday morning, and was wondering if anyone sees a problem with using a short piece of rod to put in the hole for the bolt handle. Nov 07, 2011 owners manual says remove the cap and tilt forward, but thats not how my gun is working. I took the bolt handle out of my stoeger 2000 and it fit perfectly, didnt fly out any more. This is a 3gun shotgun that can deliver the goods without breaking the bank. The handle is extra long, easytograsp and allows for fast, positive cycling. Thank you for purchasing the stoeger model 2000 shotgun. It is recommended that all parts be fit by a qualified gunsmith. Reliability, versatility, and value make the model 2000 the ideal semiauto shotgun. Sep 30, 2007 im looking to get an extra bolt handle to keep in my blind bag. Shop available stoeger parts from numrich gun parts corporation today. The m3k 3 gun shotgun comes race ready and gets you up and competing right out of the box. Videos to come on upgrades for the shotgun and how to install them. Also cant pull the barrel out after removing the cap like om says and the video above shows.

Buy stoeger m2000 parts factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including browning, winchester, fn america, beretta, benelli franchi, stoeger, remington, bushmaster, marlin, sig sauer, hk and many more. Buy stoeger m2000 bolt handle factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including browning, winchester, fn america, beretta, benelli franchi, stoeger, remington, bushmaster, marlin, sig sauer, hk and many more. Stoeger cocking handle m2000 bolt handle nz shotguns by gun. Stoeger results 1 16 of 230 stoeger m2000 bolt handle my mate. The stoeger model 2000 fires everything from 118 ounce field and target loads to the heaviest 3 waterfowl loads without adjustments. With an oversized bolt release and safety, extended bolt handle and beveled loading port the m3k is ultra reliable and super fast on the reload.

When a shot is fired the bolt moves forward about 4 mm. Stoeger model 2000 bolt handle chrome 12 gauge impact guns. Best video ive found on the m3500 disassembly and reassembly. This system is based on a spring placed between the locking head and the bolt. Provides increased surface for rapid manipulation of bolt simple installation with no gunsmithi. Nordic speed bolt operating handles provide a quick way to eject the last round or clear a jam from your shotgun without tearing your hand or fingers.

Shotgun bolt operating handle nordic components inc. Stoeger stoeger 2000 firearms talk the community for. Shop online now for a wide selection of barrel, bolt handles, pads, plate, stock shim kits and more. Ive had the 2000 for about 6 years too and beat the shite out of it. Sep 03, 2016 jason from shows the simple steps of disassembling a stoeger m3000. Buy stoeger m2000 parts factory replacement gun parts.

The m3000 is ultrareliable and superfast on the reload. Ar15 1911 remington 870 ammunition reloading gunsmithing tools. Bought a new stoeger 2000 saturday and took it hunting this morning. If your getting the keltec sub2000 bolt tube cover, then you might find the following keltec sub2000 resources useful in further enhancing your firearm.

How to disassemble and reassemble a stoeger m3000 youtube. Brownells is your source for bolt handles, bolt parts at brownells parts and accessories. Stoeger model 2000 bolt handle chrome 12 gauge rating required select rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best name. While holding the bolt open, place a round on the carrier through the ejection port fig. Bolt handle spring retaining pin 45 bolt handle detent plunger. Im not 100%sure the difference between the 3000 and 2000, but i can tell you that my 3000 is much more reliable then my buddies 2000. I ordered another one but it wont be in until tuesday. I agree that if the proper cleaning had been done on the stoeger, the liklihood of the bolt handle coming out would be almost nil. Stoeger m3000 moa bolt handle installation youtube. I had to call for advice on which was the correct bolt handle and was given courtesies profession assistance. Stoeger beretta usa sent out a new operating handle. Nov 18, 2007 spud, never had the problem with any semi. Nordic components shotgun bolt operating handle, provides increased surface for rapid manipulation of bolt, black finish, fits benelli m1m2sbesbeii 12ga and 20ga, franchi intensityaffinityi12, stoeger m2000, remington versa max bohbn. When gun tests magazine did their testing of the franchi i12, they had this problem.

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