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Special sizes, diameters and shaft lengths keyed and overall are available upon request. Introduction shaft design city, university of london. Remove the stub shaft by prying from the back with a flat bar. Bevel gears have teeth formed on conical surfaces and are used mostly for transmitting motion between intersecting shafts. Bearing supported stub shafts the hayes bearing supported stub shaft assembly is specifically designed for side load applications the hayes stub shaft design employs a single and double roll radial ball bearing designed for light and heavyduty work, not to exceed side loads listed in tables 1 through 4.

In traditional screw conveyor design the tail end shaft projects through a conveyor trough end plate, external seal, and bearing. Sae flywheel mounted stub shafts to suit sae sizes 6. The stubs dont go all the way through the brush, leaving the center hollow. Shaft blowout hazard of check and butterfly valves alert. We offer shafts to fit sae 612, sae 712, sae 8 special order, sae 10, sae 1112, sae 14 special order product literature. Bearing supported stub shafts designed for side load applications. J polar moment of inertia of the shaft about the axis of rotation. Design of half shaft and wheel hub assembly for racing car. An overall shaft design procedure is presented including consideration of bearing and component mounting and shaft dynamics using the asme design code for transmission shafting. Although not part of the engines core, it drives the accessories, fuel pumps etc. Bearing supported stub shafts designed for side load.

When placing an order, please use the part number listed below. Sep 01, 2016 machining the new stub shaft included all reverseengineered features of the original collector shaft end. Jan 11, 2017 in common engineering parlance, a stub shaft is a short rotating shaft that extends, cantilevered out past its supporting bearings in the main structure of a power transmission subsystem. Helical gears are not as noisy, because of the more gradual engagement of the teeth during meshing. Find bending moments from gears, pulleys, or sprockets that are transmitting loads to or from other devices. Forms and design analysis of mechanical shafts used in. Manufactured out of billet 300m aerospace material, with an integrated positive locking design, all while achieving 50 of steering, its the next best thing in stub shaft technology and the last stub shaft you will ever need. Stub shafts for the 14 clutches and larger are available on a nonstock basis.

Guards against system damage and costly downtime caused by coupling bolts or nuts working loose. Severe mill duty smartach iii magnetic encoder, 1 18. Rely on hayes for a complete range of sae flywheel stub shafts. The stub axles are the foreging of 3% nickel steel and alloy steels containing chromium and molybdenum. Pro series stub shafts are designed to work with 60 style ujoints and spidertrax 40 spline ultimate unit bearings. The bearings are selfcontained in our specially designed housing that will keep the assembly free of contamination. Use a pry bar to firmly hold on the sub axle from the outside, while using a wrench to remove the nut from the axle shaft side. The hayes stub shaft design employs a single and double roll radial ball bearing designed for light and heavyduty work, not to exceed side loads listed in. The stub shaft is a tight fit but can be removed by evenly applying pressure around the periphery of the shaft with the pry bar. This would leave you with a large weld right at the point where the stub emerges from the rollerdefinitely a potential failure point. If you dont have sideload, and an inline drive will do, we can do that. Motion or power can be transmitted through an angle without gear trains, chains, or belts by using flexible shafting. Focus flyer welded stub shaft pci welded stub shaft pulleys are designed to maximize conveyor pulley life by reducing the risk of failure from shaft deflection by increasing fatigue safety factor and overall shaft capacity.

An aerospace client came to trojon gear with a stub shaft set that was failing unexpectedly and. Available with redichange clamping key for quick disassembly of conveyor screw. For larger, heavier brushes, this core type is a better way to go so you dont have a lot of weight in the center of the brush as its moving around. If the application is very smooth, a value as low as n 2 may be justified. There may of course be thousands of similar machines produced, each using a shaft of that design, and the manufacturer may provide extra shafts as spare parts, but that shaft design generally has no use outside the machine for which it was designed. The hayes stub shaft design employs a single and double roll radial ball bearing designed for light and heavyduty work, not to exceed side loads listed in tables 1 through 4. Compare combined stresses to suitable allowable stresses. Shaft is supported in selfaligning ball bearings and gears are both 10 pitch, 40 tooth, 20 spur gears.

Axle is a nonrotating member used for supporting rotating wheels etc. Encoder installation manual dynapar brand series hs35r. While no class callout, the stub acme corresponds to class 2g of the acme thread. Shaft integral part of the prime mover is called stub shaft. The accessory drive is the large casting on the top. To start, our twopiece yoke incorporates a unique, ringed web design which connects and supports both ears securing the ujoint. Helical gears have teeth inclined to the axis of rotation. For the design of shafts made of metals with low ductility or fracture toughness, it is customary to apply theoretical stress concentration factors k t to account for this effect.

Their engineers came up with a new part, with a different diametric pitch, as well as an adjustment to control use and wear. Under conditions of shock or impact, n 4 or higher should be used, and careful testing is advised. May 31, 2012 the design project enabled us to understand the various forces that act on a half shaft and wheel hub, while the formula 1 race car is in running condition. Unlike other dana 60 stub shafts, our approach to a twopiece stub shaft design adds an incredible level of strength, durability, and machinability. Axle a nonrotating element that carries no torque and is used to support rotating. Examine the stub shaft sealing surface for nicks or scratches which can cause excessive oring. A shaft is usually designed to perform a specific task in a specific machine. The design project helped to better under the uses of software in real scenario. The durable hollow shaft design tolerates huge axial movements, and withstands more shaft runout than any other encoder available. The shaft consists of stub ends that fit directly into your machines bearings. Design stresses in shafts august 15, 2007 23 find the torsion in the shaft. Smartach iii magnetic encoder, 1 18 hollow shaft mount av685 hollow shaft encoders survive the worst conditions. Bearing supported stub shafts specifically designed for side load applications.

Single bearing supports light loads various sizes from 1716. In these check valves, one stem piece functions as a drive shaft that connects the internal valve disk to an external airassist. Stub shafts are often used as input andor output connectio. Bearing supported stub shafts hayes manufacturing, inc. Buttress thread for pull or push type, used where high stresses are along the thread axis in one direction only. The customer reported that the generator rotor had suffered a collector ring failure and also a ground to the main shaft. High speed gearbox catalog page 14 high speed gearbox sn2291 product description.

Features wide variety of materials the kws stub end shaft may be constructed out of carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel, or special alloys, based on the specific application. Used for unusual applications pertinent to acme thread but where a coarse pitch or shallow depth is required. Tether point for general industrial machinery and cface motor installations, locate the tether hole at the nominal bolt circle location. This model has a stub input shaft and two outputs located horizontally with the option of a third output. By eliminating shaft deflection as a source of failure, pci stub shaft pulleys provide increased capacity for the pulley assembly. High strength shafting may be required with drive pulleys to withstand the added shaft stresses from torsional loads, overhung loads or turndowns for bearings. These setups can minimize the side load generated by the pulley belt, and transferred back into the engine. Spindle stub and axle are some important types of shaft. The stub axle turns on the pink pin which is a light drive fit.

Installations that employ a pressfit or screwedon stub shaft adapter should align the stub shaft to 0. The hayes stub shaft design employs a single and double roll radial ball bearing designed for light and heavy duty work, not to exceed side loads listed in. Use a slide hammer and adapter to remove the stub axle and outer wheel bearing. The tabulated ratings for drum pulleys and shaft combinations are based on using nonjournaled shaft ing with pulleys centrally located between two bearings. The accessory drive is a gearbox that forms part of a gas turbine engine. Removing the stub axle nut requires a great deal of force. Model sn2291 is a single increasing stage, two output, foot mounted highspeed gearbox designed for test stand use. Pdf the objective of this chapter is to introduce the concepts and principles of shaft design. In each of the cases described above, the malfunctioning component was a clow stubshaft model gmz pneumatically assisted swing check valve see diagram below. This stub shaft design employs a single and double roll radial ball bearing designed for light and heavyduty work, not to exceed side loads listed in tables 1 to 4 on page 3 of the brochure link. For a shaft subjected twisting moment, the angle of twist is given by, where, t torqe applied. Depending on the specifications of the pulley, a pci stub shaft pulley can provide up to 10 times the capacity of a comparable through shaft design. The kws stub end shaft and inner bushings require little maintenance and are easy to replace. The forging was bored to the original shaft bore diameter to include the bore plug fit.

Our stub shafts are used on offhighway equipment such as. Shaft shown drives a gear set that is transmitting 5 hp at 1750 rpm. So the shafts are designed depending upon the combination of loads it is subjected to. The flange face was machined to include 14 thru holes and a male spigot fitin support of bolting up to the original shaft. Front wheels of the vehicle are mounted on front axles. The calculated parameters help us to design half shaft and wheel hub such. It eliminates radial load by balancing the hydraulic force of liquid within the pump casing, extends seal and bearing life and minimizes vibration and noise. Determine torque in shafts from gears, pulleys, sprockets, clutches, and couplings. Countershafts are short shafts between the driver motor and the driven machine.

Head shafts or stub shafts are shafts directly connected to the motor. The stub axle turns on the pink pin which is a light drive fit in the axle beam eye placed and locked by a taper cotter pin. Stub end shaft kws manufacturing 3041 conveyor drive burleson, texas 76028 toll free. An axle is a nonrotating member that carries no torque and is used to support rotating wheels, pulleys etc. Guardian offers a full line of bearing supported stub shafts.

During the assembly or inspection of a drive shaft, there should be special attention paid to the space between the tube shaft stub shaft and the tube. Shaft design objectives compute forces acting on shafts from gears, pulleys, and sprockets. Type esc singlestage endsuction directcoupled centrifugal. Spiral drum pulley spiral wing pulley belt hold down wheel dead shaft pulley complete product line unique pulleys design classes cema duty mine duty 1. Under typical industrial conditions, the design factor of n 3 is recommended. In common engineering parlance, a stub shaft is a short rotating shaft that extends, cantilevered out past its supporting bearings in the main structure of a power transmission subsystem. An overall shaft design procedure is presented including. A trick i have used to overcome this weakness is to machine a flange in the middle of the stub shaft. Din 2533 nd16 suction and delivery flanges connections to meet the design working pressure rating. The conveyor roller of claim 11 wherein said biasing device is a spring disposed between said antifriction device and said end cap. High speed gearbox catalog cotta transmission company. Pcis design utilizes either a tandem of disks with shorter shafts or a solid shaft that is turned to specifications. Output shafts available in straight, threaded, tapered, and splined. That space is where the weld seam is and it should be closely inspected for pin holes, undercutting and other improper welding techniques.

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