Ngap-air-mirror defense for youth football books

The 73 bandit defense is a blend of several defensive schemes, including coach j. These books are listed in the order in which you should read them. This game experience is the perfect illustration of how the detail in those books helps you windetails that took me years to experiment with and work out. My 1st year i let the assistant run the offense as i had only read this book coaching youth football and john t reeds gapairmirror defense. Defensive gaps and alignments in the 62 multi 8 youth. Reed is the author of seven other books on football coaching. Gapairmirror defense for youth football, 2nd edition. The core normally extends in an oval with a radius of 57 yards from the football. Gapairmirror defense is my most popular coaching book but only covers the specific. Reeds gap air mirror defense and the traditional 50series defense tha. All pages and the cover are intact, but shrink wrap, dust covers, or boxed set case may be missing. The b team i took over had been last in the division for 5 years. Other youth defenses, like the 533 which is the most common, implicitly say by their alignment that the main threat in youth football is the pass and the best youth pass coverage is zone. Gapairmirror defense for youth football by reed, john t.

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