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Endoscopic pushtrough technique cartilage myringoplasty in. In this study, endoscopic transcanal pushthrough technique underlay cartilage myringoplasty was performed in patients with anterior quadrant perforations, some. Article information, pdf download for shortterm subjective and. Minimally invasive transcanal endoscopic ear surgery intechopen. To investigate the feasibility of transcanal endoscopic myringoplasty in the hand of young beginner surgeons. Endaural, transcanal and postauricular approaches are used during myringoplasty and tympanoplasty. Shortterm subjective and objective outcomes of patients receiving. When training interns, this view translates into a better visual image, as the middle ear and the ossicles can be visualized through the perforation.

A case series in a university center by garcia et al. The transcanal endoscopic myringoplasty had, in our hands, a 100% rate of surgical success for closure of tympanic membrane defects. Objectiveendoscopic transcanal myringoplasty etm has been an emerging. Myringoplasty, fascia, eardrum, auto graft, muscle. Results during the study period, 9 patients were included, out of whichwerelosttofollowup.

Outcomes of patients receiving endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty for. In endoscopic group there was 90% graft uptake rate as compared to 85% in microscopic group. Single flap otoendoscopic myringoplasty for large central. Thirty patients with a tympanic membrane perforation underwent a transcanal endoscopic cartilaginous myringoplasty, between june. The procedure is an underlay grafting using autologous tragal per. This technique is especially helpful in patients with narrow external canals, anterior defects and bone overhang, when perforations margins are barely, if at all, visible under a microscope. Endoscopic scarless myringoplasty for csom duration. The transcanal microscopeassisted endoscopic myringoplasty had a 100% rate of surgical success for closure of tympanic membrane defects in children. Tympanoplasty involves eradication of the disease in the middle ear, repair of the perforated tympanic membrane and restoration of hearing. The results of endoscopic myringoplasty are comparable to the conventional myringoplasty done. We would like to address the manuscript entitled transcanal endoscopic myringoplasty. Total endoscopic transcanal cartilage myringoplasty shakya et al. The least follow up period was 6 months with range from 6 to. Total endoscopic transcanal cartilage myringoplasty.

Endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty the journal of. Introduction middle ear surgeries, including myringoplasty, have increasingly utilized endoscopes as an adjunct to or as a replacement for the. In majority of the endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty, endomeatal skin flap are not raised because of the technical difficulty with one had only free12. The endoscopic approach provides a much larger field of view. Feasibility and advantages of transcanal endoscopic myringoplasty. The full text of this article is available as a pdf 428k. Endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty for anterior perforations of the tympanic membrane. Comparison of endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty and endoscopic type i tympanoplasty in repairing mediumsized tympanic perforations. Glasscock6 performed 57 cases of overlay tympanoplasty with transcanal approach. Aim of this study was to evaluate the role of rigid endoscope in the management of dry central perforation of the tympanic membrane and to compare the results of endoscopic myringoplasty with that of conventional myringoplasty using microscope. Endoscopic transcanal myringoplastya study ncbi nih. Group a was approached by endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty while in group b by microscopic postauricular myringoplasty.

Request pdf endoscopic assisted myringoplasty an improved myringoplasty technique utilizing fibrin glue and carried out through the external auditory canal was recently introduced. Transcanal endoscopic myringoplasty is a feasible, safe, and effective procedure. The outer diameter of the endoscope is important when performing. Transcanal microscopeassisted endoscopic myringoplasty in. Transcanal microscopeassisted endoscopic myringoplasty in children. Recently, transcanal endoscopic approaches have become popular. Transcanal myringoplasty with total tympanomeatal flap removal for tympanic membrane. Tseng, chihchieh lai, mingtang wu, chiache yuan, shengpo and ding, yifang 2017.

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