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Its the latest addition to join native instruments. With kontakt 6, you can sound like a snare drum, a symphony orchestra, or anything in between, from a universe of sampled instruments. Symphony series percussion native instruments 55 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at studio 22, budapest. Instantly create engaging mallet ensemble sequences for film scores, game soundtracks, and electronic productions, using an innovative pattern automation engine. A versatile set of 18 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at studio 22, budapest. Native instruments kontakt factory library kontakt. Percussive kits provide more than 200 deeply sampled percussion sources, and over 500 singleshot elements, recorded in up to seven velocity layers and with up. Kontakt factory library real instruments 189 plus 40 vsl legacy orchestra instruments plus included synth with 227 sounds, groovebox, acoustic guitar and electric guitar programs native instruments kontakt factory library kontakt library 23. Percussion offers superb balance between precision and ambience, and the range and playability to meet the needs of any orchestral production task. With hollywood orchestral percussion, eastwest presents a superlative of symphonic orchestral percussion instruments for use in film music and beyond that, all other projects with natural rhythm. On the symphony series essentials product page you can find comparison charts for versions of the symphony series products. Soundiron little epic percussion light hall drum library. Native instruments kontakt factory library vstorrent.

Percussion is the focus, but it also has some truly unique and oneofakind wailing trombone effects that were recorded live to add some read more. It offers six professional grade kontakt libraries, each played and recorded by some of the worlds finest musicians and audio engineers, and taken from the same recording sessions as our flagship symphony series. Native instruments symphony series percussion kontakt 27. Native instruments kontakt factory library size 23 gb. It is not included in komplete or komplete ultimate. Native instruments warped symmetry expansion free download timeless melodic electronica headnodding electronica that transcends the dancefloor captures three decades of pioneering sound get 546 loops, 465 drum samples, 353 oneshots, and more beyond the club create timeless, homespun, headnodding electronic music that reaches far beyond the dancefloor. It features a wide range of both classic and exotic percussive instruments, diverse articulations and powerful drum head resonance simulation. Go full nerd mode and take an extradeep dive into the f1 with dave digital and vinyl expert. Native instruments action strikes kontakt vstorrent. Symphony series percussion native instruments youtube.

Here you can find different flautando string sections, solo strings, solo woodwinds, a horn ensemble, percussion, keys and a harp ensemble. This version of true strike has been completely redesigned and comes with native instruments kontakt player. Product expert james russell walks you through the rudiments of rolling your own drum sounds from scratch. One particular highlight is an exquisite high choir featuring women and children. Elite orchestral percussion vir2 instruments kontakt. Its a simple sampler when you want it to be, and a deep sonic scripting laboratory when you need something more.

The symphony series collection is a definitive portfolio of orchestral instruments, played and recorded by some the worlds finest musicians and audio engineers. Action strikes features an advanced, oneofakind interface designed for creating orchestral pieces for film, television, and game scores with ease. Elite orchestral percussion is a 19 gb kontakt player 2based sample library filled with a variety of both traditional and unusual orchestral percussion. Projectsam true strike 1 cinematic orchestral percussion. The palette spans from world music instruments and big band sounds to legendary synthesizers and contemporary club sounds. Komplete 12 ultimate collectors edition the ultimate production suite expanded. Vstorrent torrent source for free download quality software. Percussion will resonate with orchestral, pop, and electronic composers and producers. Native instruments symphony series string ensemble kontakt. Symphony series percussion features a wide variety of tuned instruments, including different kinds of mallet instruments, a celesta, low piano. Little epic percussion is a splendid assortment of small orchestral and ethnic percussion instruments created to complement our existing collection of epic drums. Orchestral percussion x3m kontakt highly flexible collection of orchestral percussion instruments recorded in a studio and put into the x3m engine for maximum playability.

Created by heavyocity, damage is a unique instrument combining orchestral percussion, incredible sampled sounds and edgy electronics. First of all, there is a sections folder containing individual orchestral sections and solo instruments. Drumwavy is a collection of percussion instruments designed for creating orchestral and ethnic percussion, with a wide array of african, arabic, asian, brazilian, german, indian, irish, japanese, latin american, spanish, tibetan and turkish percussion, plus carillon, glass harp and music box. From simple, effective accompaniment to fullblown percussive attacks, action strikes offers composers versatility anywhere the sound.

Native instruments heavyocity damage kontakttorrent. Designed to inspire, damage delivers jawdropping quality in an intuitive and easytouse. Native instruments symphony series string ensemble. From soft and warm to big and bombastic, cinematic thunder is. This rereleased version of true strike has been completely redesigned for the kontakt format and comes with native instruments kontakt player. Symphony series percussion is a unique, and highlyrealistic orchestral library for kontakt with over 50 orchestral percussion instruments.

Percussion offers superb balance between precision and ambience, and the range and playability to meet the. With a wide range of both classic and exotic percussive instruments, diverse articulations and powerful drum head resonance simulation, percussion is the definitive set of orchestral rhythm tools. The companys mission is to develop innovative, fullyintegrated solutions for. The mod wheel adjusts dynamics from whisper quiet to the loudest fortissimo while the pitch wheel controls accent strength. The symphony essentials collection places the power of a full orchestra and top soloists at your fingertips. Native instruments symphony series woodwind ensemble. Offering 51 orchestral percussion instruments in multiple concert hall mic positions, true strike is the only orchestral percussion library you will ever need. All symphony series instruments share an intuitive signature interface, for a uniform workflow. Native instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computerbased audio production and djing. We captured the majority of them in the same epic hall and using the same techniques as many of our other percussion libraries, so we think it will mesh well with most of them right out of the box. Damage gives you 30 gb of drama, fusing industrial sounds and orchestral drums into a devastating electroacoustic barrage. The next generation of the worlds favorite sampling platform gives you new instruments and new features under the hood so you can. The premium sounds in this synth are perfectly combined for lush soundtracks and beautiful classical arrangements.

Create percussion parts changed or hidden message voices and sound effects combine them with another dimension. A flexible 22piece string ensemble with a modern sound and an extensive range of playing. With bolder effects, smarter instruments, and all the latest features, the native instruments komplete 12 ultimate collectors edition is a turnkey solution for todays indemand sound designer and music producer. Exploring everything the traktor kontrol f1 has to offer. Native instruments symphony series percussion kontakt native instruments action strikes is a cinematic percussion library for kontakt 5 or the free kontakt player. The audio quality is excellent and the instruments are extremely nuanced and dynamically playable. A unique instrument for cinematic soundscapes, tones, and transitions. An ultradetailed spot microphone for transient detail adds to four distinct room mixes, providing the depth and versatility to work with any.

Native instruments symphony series percussion kontakt an exhaustive set of 55 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at studio 22, budapest. Action strikes was created with dynamedion, the renowned score producers behind the action strings instrument. Dark, aggressive, thrilling and threatening damage is breathtaking cinematic percussion with a tense, epic edge. Thats why we designed a virtual orchestra that combines a phenomenal sound with the capabilities of a fast writing tool. Nontuned percussion instruments have velocity layers mapped to different midi keys, allowing consistent levels when playing live and offering other creative opportunities. You can also use those midi files with different instruments even from other sample libraries. Studio percussion orchestral for kontakt vstauaax overview 8dio studio orchestral percussion is a monumental deepsampled collection of six orchestral percussion instruments. If you own komplete, youre eligible for a great crossgrade offer from native instruments when you order symphony series woodwind ensemble. This library is part of the native instruments symphony series line. Symphony series percussion drums playthrough native.

Strezov sampling orchestral percussion x3m kontakt go audio. Orchestral and ethnic percussion vst vst3 audio unit. Flow mode also works with hotcues, loops and scratching, at times when you need a super tight rhythm. Native instruments komplete 12 ultimate collectors. The collection features over 250 distinct orchestral percussion instruments across the full span of categories. An exhaustive set of 55 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at studio 22, budapest. Native instruments symphony series percussion kontakt. Recorded in a large concert hall in central california from three mic positions for complete flexibility, cinematic thunder delivers an epic sound. It also provides an outstanding percussion set for pop and electronic genres. This unique collection contains firstclass marimba, glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, crotales and tubular bells.

Symphony series percussion contains a wide variety of orchestral snare drums, toms and bass drums. Available as plugin in vst 32 bit and 64 bit and vst3 64 bit versions for windows audio unit, vst. Perinstrument volume, pan, and tuning controls let you adjust the individual elements of all percussion kits. They are conceived, built, and optimized for kontakt by native instruments in berlin. It also provides an outstanding percussion set for pop. Tribalton is perfect for anyone wanting to add some tribal rhythms into any style of production. The concept behind orchestral percussion x3m is not only to introduce different types of orchestral percussion recorded in a dry. Recorded in the familiar projectsam concert setting, it is the most powerful sounding and versatile orchestral percussion library available.

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