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Leave a reply cancel reply enter your comment here i am glad i stuck through it and finished the novel, as i was invested in what emas outcome was by. Libro nuevo o segunda mano, sinopsis, resumen y opiniones. Eudeba definida por su autor como historiola mezcla. Cesar aira born on february 23, 1949 in coronel pringles, buenos aires province is an argentine writer and translator, considered by many as one of the leading exponents of argentine contemporary literature, in spite of his limited public recognition. In fact, at least since 1993 a hallmark of his work is a truly frenetic level of writing and publication. He taught at the university of buenos aires about copi and rimbaud and at the university of rosario constructivism and mallarme, and has translated and edited books from france, england, italy, brazil, spain, mexico, and venezuela. In important moments in ema s life, the author doesnt give us any information. He has published over fifty books of stories, novels and essays. In nineteenthcentury argentina, ema, a delicate woman of indeterminate origins, is captured by soldiers and taken, along with with her newborn babe, to live as a concubine in a crude fort on the very edges of civilization. I looked forward to reading this work, having very much enjoyed argentinian writer cesar airas work, how i became a nun. Vive desde 1967 en buenos aires, donde esrudi6 oerecho y li. The children built snowmen and ran around yelling, crazy with joy. Aira is an avantgarde writer whose rejection of traditional novelistic realism and psychology takes the form of a sort of surrealist automatic writing practice.

Cesar aira 1949 nacio en coronel pringles, argentina, y es, posiblemente. Cesar aira author of an episode in the life of a landscape. A stage interview with cesar aira, 2012 video by louisiana channel cesar aira at the international literature festival berlin cesar aira recorded at the library of congress for the hispanic divisions audio literary archive on march 15, 2015. Ema the captive is a much earlier work and i was curious.

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